Cyber Pearl Hyderabad / Keane Hyderabad

Cyber Pearl

High atop the hills of Hyderabad , Cyber Pearl offers a refreshing vista of the vibrant business landscape unique to India 's City of Pearls . Enjoy water features that cool the courtyard. Relax amidst lush indoor gardens contrasting with the rocky terrain outdoors.

Cyber Pearl which commenced development in October 2002 was completed in two phases. It has now 50
0,000 sq ft of completed high-end IT space. An estimated 5,000 employees work with a variety of top global IT and ITES companies.

In Cyber Pearl, business space comes with full infrastructure including back-up power and facilities, to ensure connectivity round-the-clock. Amenities add to the convenience of working in the complex.

Apart from quality space it has a 24 X 7 Multi-cuisine Cafeteria with large sitting capacity, Fitness Centre with Yoga, Aerobics & Gym and also a Commercial Area with proposed shops like a Mini-market, Music Store, Jewellery and gifts articles store and A.T.M.

Cyber Pearl would have been named Cyber Oasis, but since Hyderabad is associated with Pearls, Pearl at the end was considered more appropriate. Companies located at Cyber Pearl are

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Cyber Pearl Hyderabad / Keane Hyderabad

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