How to go to Sringeri

on banks of Tunga river, Shri Adi Sankara saw a cobra with a raised hood, providing shelter from the hot sun, to a frog about to spawn. 

He came to know that the place was so blessed as Rishya Sringa Rishi was doing penance

Rishyasringa was the sage who officiated Putra Kameshti Yagna of King Dasaratha, which got Lord Rama to earth. The sage has brought rains to the drought hit region of Karnataka with his grace and has blessed many. Finally Lord Shiva gave him Mukthi In the form of Lightning 

Jagadguru Adi Sankara established a mutt here, which came to be known as Sringeri mutt

Kerala Restaurant near Hitech City - Utupura

Malayalee restaurant near Hitech City - Utupura -

Tel: 040-23352719
Mob: 09885919498

Haven't tasted the lunch menu. They boast about Spicy Aila and Karimeen, Irresistible Malabar Porottas and Appams, finest of Sambars, sweetest of Payasams and much more. We are right next door, at the heart of Hyderabad.

Expecting others to comment first .

Rename Uppal Stadium - Rajiv Gandhi is not lucky

Grand Old Dada's reentry to IPL was a success. Not because of his talent or Deccan Charger's poor bowling/fielding. It is just because of the lucky ground . Yes! Rajiv Gandhi Cricket Stadium in Uppal, Hyderabad has become lucky for all opponents. Deccan Chargers lose every match they play here ... just look back when they played in South Africa .. all matches away from home they were the champions!

For heaven sake, either build a new stadium or change the name. Rajiv bye bye

Passport Office in Hyderabad

It is one of the dreaded Government Office. Many have wasted days and weeks of their life there in Queue for passports and corrections.

Here is the dreaded place

Hyderabad/Secundrabad Passport Office - Entrance for Tatkal and Miscelanneous entries
Hyderabad/Secundrabad Passport Office - Entrance for General Enquiry
Hyderabad/Secundrabad Passport Office - IT Wizard waiting for their turn
Hyderabad/Secundrabad Passport Office - IT Wizard Raghavendra Kumar Mg waiting for his turn
There are many brokers around the area - beware - some of them might take money and disappear. If you are trying for new passport then it is better to go with Agent .

The Hyderabad/Secunderabad passport office is near to Secunderabad Railway Station/Busstand. Kamath hotel is a good vegetarian restaurant near by.

How to goto Basar Saraswathi Temple from Hyderabad

Basar Temple - The Only Temple for Goddess Saraswathi in South India

is very much accessible by Train from Hyderabad

There are many trains running through Basar but the good one is the Kacheguda - Nanded express. This starts around 7:30 am from Kacheguda

Hyderabad - Basar Express
The legend has it that Sage Vyasa did penace here and Goddess Saraswathi appeared before him

Basar Vyasa Cave
Basar Vyasa Cave

Basar Railway station is seven kilometers from the Temple.

There are several Autos from Station to Temple - They charge around 10 Rs per Person

Godavari river is five minutes drive from the temple. There are autos from temple to here too

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