Passport Office in Hyderabad

It is one of the dreaded Government Office. Many have wasted days and weeks of their life there in Queue for passports and corrections.

Here is the dreaded place

Hyderabad/Secundrabad Passport Office - Entrance for Tatkal and Miscelanneous entries
Hyderabad/Secundrabad Passport Office - Entrance for General Enquiry
Hyderabad/Secundrabad Passport Office - IT Wizard waiting for their turn
Hyderabad/Secundrabad Passport Office - IT Wizard Raghavendra Kumar Mg waiting for his turn
There are many brokers around the area - beware - some of them might take money and disappear. If you are trying for new passport then it is better to go with Agent .

The Hyderabad/Secunderabad passport office is near to Secunderabad Railway Station/Busstand. Kamath hotel is a good vegetarian restaurant near by.

How to goto Basar Saraswathi Temple from Hyderabad

Basar Temple - The Only Temple for Goddess Saraswathi in South India

is very much accessible by Train from Hyderabad

There are many trains running through Basar but the good one is the Kacheguda - Nanded express. This starts around 7:30 am from Kacheguda

Hyderabad - Basar Express
The legend has it that Sage Vyasa did penace here and Goddess Saraswathi appeared before him

Basar Vyasa Cave
Basar Vyasa Cave

Basar Railway station is seven kilometers from the Temple.

There are several Autos from Station to Temple - They charge around 10 Rs per Person

Godavari river is five minutes drive from the temple. There are autos from temple to here too

Blue B Restaurant - Secunderabad

Blue B Restaurant - Secunderabad is opposite to Secunderabad Kamat Hotel 040 42222222

State Bank India (SBI) NRI Branch, Secunderabad/Hyderabad

SBI NRI Branch

This is located at S.P.Road, Secunderabad PIN: 500 003, 0425-6131, +91-40-7846798/7816835 7816840/7816798

Good Hotel near to Secunderabad/Hyderabad railway station

Time Square, Hyderabad/Secunderabad is a Three-Star hotel. It is close to Railway Station and busstand.

8-1-1, 2/2 Opposite; Clock Tower, S.D Road
Secunderabad, 500003
040 42222222

The nearest landmarks are Kamat Hotel and Secunderabad Clock Tower

Central Book Shop - Secunderabad

Address : 62D Happy Trade Centre S.D.Road, Secunderabad
Phone : 27843221

Secunderabad Clock Tower

Secunderabad Clock Tower is a landmark very close to railway station. Kamat Hotel which is situated nearby is a good restaurant

Kamat Hotel - Secunderabad / Hyderabad

Kamat Hotel is one of few good vegetarian hotels near Secunderabad Railway Station. The hotel is walkable from Secunderabad Railway station and busstand - close to Secunderabad Clock Tower

Sarojini Devi Rd, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
040 27840479

Secunderabad - Kamat Hotel

Secunderabad - Kamat Hotel Interiors

Secunderabad - Kamat Hotel

Hyderabad Airport Pickup Point

Where is the Pickup point for Hyderabad International Airport?

Now only Akbar travels and one more operator is allowed to pickup passengers from the Arrival point. If you are booking any cab, you need to go to the parking lot near McDonalds ground floor

Elbit Medical Diagnostics Limited = Route Map, Hyderabad

How to go to Elbit, Banjara
Elbit Medical Diagnostics Limited
A G Heights 8-2-703, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 040 23372731

Kachiguda Kachori

Something happened terrible that day. I had to stand in Koti byus from Kondapur for more than an hour. Everyone except me got seat somewhere in the middle and I had to wait, wait and wait before getting down at Koti to take an auto to Kacheguda.

At last when I reached the station a bigger bomb was in store for me: the departure was delayed by 4 hrs (i.e, six hours from that time)

What could I do ... the heat made me enervated .. no amount of nimbu sharbath energized me. Went to the Lounge and relaxed a bit. Heard people around me planning for a short shopping to chori bazaar, charminar, Koti etc. But I was left out with no options.

Finally came out and had a good Kachori. Man! it was amazing! For five bucks you couldn't aks for more. The traditional way it was prepared made it even tastier. There were few college guys who had a taste of everything - a samosa , a kachori, some papdi .. they might be regulars..

In future whenever I will be there in Kacheguda, I will have a kachori before boarding! chuk chuk chuk...

Falkunama Railway Station

IPL Moves out of Hyderabad

One more fall out because of Telangana agitations ... Deccan Chargers is now moved to Cuttack. Hyderabad will not host any matches for IPL-3

Should we Hyderabadi's boycott IPL or continue to support Deccan Chargers

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