Kamat Hotel - Secunderabad / Hyderabad

Kamat Hotel is one of few good vegetarian hotels near Secunderabad Railway Station. The hotel is walkable from Secunderabad Railway station and busstand - close to Secunderabad Clock Tower

Sarojini Devi Rd, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
040 27840479

Secunderabad - Kamat Hotel

Secunderabad - Kamat Hotel Interiors

Secunderabad - Kamat Hotel


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Aditi Malhotra said...

It's purely remarkable to get a post where every single line is unfolding about the detailed information that i was searching for. Thanks.

Business Hotel in Hyderabad

dimpy roy said...

Nice hotel. Its a good hotel for budget travelers. Secunderabad has so many budget hotels for mid range travelers. Check out all best hotels near Secunderabad railway station.

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