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KHANDANI RAJDHANI - Ek Khandani Parampara.


What really turns a restaurant into a legend, is the quality of it's food and service.

Thali is India's homespun answer to authentic plated meals, and truly "faster than fast food" that's nutritious and wholesome too, dished out to hungry guests in a hurry. The tables here are already set, requiring no menu reference. The service begins with a meticulously synchronized operation as the servers, transform the empty thali into an appetizing kaleidoscope of complementing colours textures and flavours. Being very homogeneous though distinct from each gleaming katori to the other, food is served on large steel/silver platter, is what a thali is all about.

With Rajdhani's truly authentic regional cuisine served in their Thalis, like the Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, Sindhi, South Indian and the Kathiawadi Thali, Rajdhani has created a 'Niche' for it's trendy and authentic food with the connoisseurs of Indian food.

The service starts with mint green chutney, sour-sweet brown chutney, a lime crescent and a salad. This is followed with a deep-fried savoury snack, and a healthy steamed snack, at times concocted with beaten curds. Two homely vegetables are treated exotically with curd, milk or it's own gravy or absolutely dry. A potato preparation and a combination of pulses either whole or split makes perfect menu sense in terms of variety in colour and texture, taste and ingredient. Two dals: one sweet complemented with a spicy dal in the morning or a gujrati dahi-kadhi in the evening, followed with Papad and small plump phulkas, brushed with ghee. The sweet dish as is traditionally eaten along with the main meal, comes in a choice of five varieties ranging from fruit custard, west India's shrikhand and the rest to choose from East India.

The entire range above is served incessantly, save the one portion sweet dish. This is the regular lunch thali called "Prasang" (Occasion). There is a unique style of service here, where waiters break from time to time into their arcane semaphore, wiggling fingers, making passes in the air, making crooking sounds. Each sign represents a specific item on the Thali, and will be relayed from waiter to waiter till it reaches the server of that food item. Little cyclones of activity immediately break out there, someone or the other will hurtle forward, and the thali will be replenished. The idea is to be prompt not to force-feed the guest, politely but grimly, setting own benchmarks in nerve-wracking thoughtful service.

In the evenings Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, North Indian, South Indian and the Kathiawadi food, is served in turns, on a silver plated peacock thali with the entire crockery, cutlery in silver, known as "Utsav" (Festival) Thali. Along with the Utsav, the Gujrati meals are also available. Exclusively, cooks from the specific region prepare each cuisine, to retain the distinctive taste, cooking with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Known as a "thali place" with 72 different rotating menus, they give even the most regular customers the flavour of novelty. A new set comes in with a change in the season, every quarter of the year too. The cooking is traditional, and only hand-pounded pure spices are used. It is a long, narrow, air-conditioned, clean eatery, coupled with brisk service.

Star of the menu: The barbecued chaas (buttermilk), made with smouldering coals, on the table, is a sought after delicacy, made only at Rajdhani. It should be drunk slowly, experiencing the smokey flavour of the chaas, the sharp bite of the ingredients.

Names dropping: The Bajri rotlas (millet bread) coupled with wet lassan (garlic) chutney, gud (jaggery) and ghee (clarified butter), trevati daal-bati churma served with pure ghee, gatte ka saag, kathiawadi kadi, bhindi upkari, undhiya, usal, misal and aamti dal, aam-raas, dal dhokli, khichdi with gujju kadhi, kashmiri karela, saragva ni sing, thepla, bhakris, puran polis, patra, ringan hollo, avial, kandvi, dhoklas, khasta kachori…..

(22464 veg delicacies from 72 menus of 26 items each changes every month; 6.2 million guests served in 25+ outlets; meal in 20 mins)

The hotel is located @ BigBazaar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad

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