"SMR VINAY CAPITOL" The city of Nizams have transformed into the e-age city. The new face of Hyderabad would challenge even the finest of places all around the world.

Committed to bring this change into the foreground, is SMR Group, building edifices that match the modern times.

SMR Vinay Capicto is one such landmark that would soon define the shoping and business hub at Balanagar.

Designed and conceived as a vibrant activity hub, that is smoothing to the senses, easy to explore with large shop facades, and exciting for the visitors. The Capitol is warn and welcoming at the outset.

The dedicated food court on 2nd floor and a terrace restaurant add an additional flavour for you to savour.

Balanagar! A place where the business is active almost throughout theday. SMR Capitol, up right on the main road with all that qualities that commands customer's attention. With people of all sections residing in and around the area, business is definitely at above par. SMR Capitol, a finest quality commercial center with 4 floors is a perfect place to showcasr the brands of international quality. With such a huge market potential SMR Capitol very much matches the high expectations of any business giving a perfect and memorable shopping experience to your most valued customer.

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