Kachiguda Kachori

Something happened terrible that day. I had to stand in Koti byus from Kondapur for more than an hour. Everyone except me got seat somewhere in the middle and I had to wait, wait and wait before getting down at Koti to take an auto to Kacheguda.

At last when I reached the station a bigger bomb was in store for me: the departure was delayed by 4 hrs (i.e, six hours from that time)

What could I do ... the heat made me enervated .. no amount of nimbu sharbath energized me. Went to the Lounge and relaxed a bit. Heard people around me planning for a short shopping to chori bazaar, charminar, Koti etc. But I was left out with no options.

Finally came out and had a good Kachori. Man! it was amazing! For five bucks you couldn't aks for more. The traditional way it was prepared made it even tastier. There were few college guys who had a taste of everything - a samosa , a kachori, some papdi .. they might be regulars..

In future whenever I will be there in Kacheguda, I will have a kachori before boarding! chuk chuk chuk...

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